1/ Introduce
a. Plot
 - A Wizard unit abandoned the study of natural magic, focused on the power of the soul, their results, they can manipulate the soul causing countless effects on both teammates and enemies. Like Wizard, they like lightweight clothing like the 'Martial Set'.
b. Advantage
- Many good teamwork skills in PvP combat as well as PvE with Buff skills, many skills weaken opponents with good debuff skills.
- High healing ability as well as good survivability
- Diverse gameplay, but the main-build remains 1 Supporter
- No one can kill 1 SF in SoloKill
c. Defect
- Low HP and defense
- MP asked to use high
- Hard to control
- Easy to wipeout teammates if buff / debuff incorrect case
e. Battle Mode
- Battle Mode 1
- Battle Mode 2
- Battle Mode 3
2/ Skills
a. Attack Skills
- SF has 3 main attack skills - Magma Orb, Magma Rain and Magic Lance.
b. Buff skills
- Hardness Effector
- Extra Damge Effector
- Burning Hand
- Spirit Shield Effector
- Spirit Energy: Increases recovery, combined with skill Spirit Regen Effector 
- Spirit Frozen
- Raise Spirit: raise your SP
- Spirit Mass (SM) và Spirit Intension (SI): SM – increase dmg, SI – increase def. These two skills can not be buffed at the same time
- Spirit Regen Effector: Single target healing skill. Prioritize upgrade effector skill first because LV1 has a healing time of 10 seconds, and will decrease after each upgrade. 
- Spirit Bless
- Lava Leash: root skill with a short time
- Strike Attack
- Poison Area
- Magic Change (MC) và Sword Change (SC): easy to wipe out teammate crying
- Blood Bleed (F11)
- Cleaning Fire
- Utility Power: release rooted status for party
3/ MP upgrade guide
- Due to the characteristics required to spend large amounts of skill MP so you are forced to prioritize upgrading MP for SF, otherwise there will not enough MP to use skill
- MP from Runes
- MP from Equipment (coat, head, boot, hand): with each slot you will get 40MP and 50MP with slot extend
  • Shadowtitan Suit/Shoes/Headpiece (WI/SF) of Convictional: 80MP
  • Osimium Suit/Shoes/Headpiece (WI/SF) of Convictional: 90MP
  • Mystic Suit/Shoes/Headpiece (WI/SF) of Convictional: 140MP
  • Mithril Suit/Shoes/Headpiece (WI/SF) of Convictional:180MP
  • Archridium Suit/Shoes/Headpiece (WI/SF) of Convictional: 240MP
- Accessories
  • Earring: Earring of Vampire/ Force Regeneration Earring/ Acarna Earring of Spirit
  • Ring: ring Tempus
  • Amulet: Amulet of Battler
  • Pet: add the MP slots for the pet