1/ Move
- You can move with the key W, S, Q, E, A và D.
- You can move by left clicking on the empty areas..
2/ Change display mode
- You can freely change the way you display the character, the scene on the screen by moving the mouse left or right, right-click and drag the four sides according to your desired view.
- The camera mode in the game consists of four basic types, so the most is Free View, can use the arrow keys LEFT - RIGHT - UP - DOWN to adjust. To change the camera mode, press Page Down multiple times to select the appropriate mode.
- You can zoom the image using the middle scroll button, or press the + or - key on the keyboard.
3/ Act
-  You can start chatting with the NPC or open an NPC shop by left clicking on it.
- To select a character or monster object, left click on the object, in the status bar above will appear, indicating which object you click on, what level, what class.
4/ Chat
- Enter to the chat, type the content you want to chat, press enter to send.
- You can change the type of communication by clicking the bubble icon in the dialog box.
- Change communication type (Enter and enter): / G / T / C / W / L / M and / N to return to neighbor mode.
+ /P: Chat party
+ /C: Chat channel.
+ /R: Reply with Ffriend
+ /G: Chat guild
+ /T: Chat exchange.
+ /M: Chat mega.( note Nation War )
+ /W: Chat whisper
5/ Quick Slot
- Items and skills in the quick key bar can be used by right clicking on them or pressing the key. The name of the key is shown on the upper left of each quick slot.
- You can add skills and items to the shortcut bar. By left clicking on the item or skill and moving to the desired box, release and view the result.
- To remove the skills or items placed in the shortcut bar, left click on them, drag and drop.
7/ Use item
- Use items, right-click on them or add them to the shortcut bar, with instructions at the top.
8/ Item
- Right-click on the item in your Pocket to equip your character.
- You can also click on the equipment, drag on the item that you want to equip.
- When the item you have is equipped with a red background, the system will assume that your character can not equip it, possibly because you have not enough stats, level, honor level, or race. of that item.
9/ Skill and use skill
-To self-study the table, press the K key, use it by clicking on it, or add it to the shortcut bar.
- To add the skill to the shortcut bar, left mouse click on the skill and drag and drop to the desired quick bar.
10/ Hotkeys
- These are the basic hot keys used in cabal.